First Android App

My first Android app is up on the market.
My Cocktail Cabinet Lite


Full version

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Pressed Grapes

I have been helping out with another site.
Grape Expectations Tasting
Grape Expectations Tasting (www)

Something I have not looked at before is SEO.
Google have some site management tools, Google WebMaster Tools
You need to authenticate your site first.
For some reason it took me ages to figure this bit out, maybe its not clear enough and my google-fo was lacking that day.
Under Tools -> Tools there is a Webmaster verification section where you can post your metatag.

Once authenticated, you can view Keywords, Links, ¬†number of clicks… all that kind of stuff. You can submit sitemaps so Google can index all the pages.
Useful for finding out how Google sees your site.

You can add a number of sites and they are all managed under your Google login.

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As you may have read from my About page, I’m in to Android app development.
You might guess then that I have an Android phone.
Correct… HTC desire (bad name for a phone if you ask me).
HTC Desire

Anyway, I just installed the WordPress app so will be posting updates on the move (like this one).

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WordPress FTW!

I’ll start by saying thanks to WordPress for providing this service free of charge.

I’m here because a friend is building a self-hosted site and needed my help.
No I don’t know much about WordPress but I pick things up pretty quick.
Google is our friend in most matters so also thanks to everyone that provided help and plugins.

This will start as a learning / testing site but may go public at some point.

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